About TDA Global Trade Ltd

TDA Global Trade Ltd was set up in February 2020. We are a B2B e-commerce Import and Export trading hub / directory that offers buyers and sellers a one stop shop for all their import and export needs. Other services include transport, shipping options, insurance, finance, packaging and classification of goods for importing into the UK which are third party organisations that we work in partnership with.

As climate change poses continuing threats to the economy and environment TDA Global Trade vision was to create a platform for eco-friendly products to make sustainable shopping the norm for businesses and consumers alike which in turn is beneficial to our planet. We felt that there was a gap in the market to showcase new eco-friendly products on a global market platform that can help reduce carbon footprint, bring awareness of what sustainability products look like and to support eco-friendly manufactures, helping businesses and consumers find new clients and eco products. We joined forces with the SME Hub and other eco orientated organisations to help drive the sustainability goals for 2030.

Businesses can also source local eco produce as we found during the pandemic that very few businesses were aware what they were able to source locally. We also started employing local people so that it encourages them to walk or cycle to work rather than use cars to travel to work. The daily commute accounts to 98% of employee work-related carbon footprint thus hoping to encourage businesses to employ local people. In the UK there were 31 million cars licensed by the end of September 2020 which doesn’t include HGVs, LGVs, motorcycles, buses and coaches.

TDA Global Trade Ltd donates vegetables seeds to economically deprived

communities in South Africa to build sustainable gardens and to help elevate

poverty. We also supply a South African school with seeds and equipment so that young people can get involved on how to sustain the planet.

All products on our site will be vetted so that businesses and consumers can shop with a clear conscience whilst ensuring that our planet is preserved for our future and all other life forms on the earth.

Join our tribe and together we can achieve the goals to sustain our wonder planet.

Who do we work with?

We work with small and medium sized businesses, governments, local chamber of commerce, we attend trade shows globally and locally so that your products and services get the best exposure to new opportunities. Unique to TDA Global trade is that you able to look at local, national and international products of a particular country to compare prices and products. You have the opportunity to build your brand and to choose products and goods from many continents unlike other sites that mainly offers products from China. Notification of new products and businesses that’s joined the site. Local business can benefit from local products/ services with less hassle of transport of goods whilst being eco-friendly
reducing the carbon foot print.

Our Priorities

We prioritise security for all buyers and sellers by ensuring that the payment of goods purchased is paid before shipping. We aim to connect all buyers and sellers involved in the transaction to exchange information faster, thus making it easier to trade and build ongoing partnerships for the future of your business. With our verification system we aim to ensure that companies are legitimate to give you a peace of mind. Our trading hub/ directory, offers your business foothold into international markets where you never thought was possible. Helping to make that step of increasing your revenue whilst building local economies, alleviating the stress that comes with venturing into new markets. Our members have the option to choose from an individual consultation package, we do the search of a product or service to save you time.